Did You Dream It or Did You See It In A Photograph

by This is Lorelei

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written and recorded by nate amos in chicago
january/february, 2016 ......................... 我爱你


released February 29, 2016

cover photo taken by mónica salazar

this album was made in pieces. the original four releases exist on grandpabay.bandcamp.com

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This is Lorelei New York

We've stuck in somewhere,

the air between Chicago

and St. Johnsbury.

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Track Name: Look At You
closer, inches in inches out
someone shuffles the stares
gets older and everything mixes round
just spins around round round
look at you
still you go in and you go out
but someone sucks up the air
all stormy now that you’re overground
but you can see right through
look at you
looking at you
Track Name: "Like"
i don’t know the line i don’t know the line i don’t know the line
i don’t know the line i don’t the line my line
op clos en er
waiting in the building for my call waiting in the building
for the call waiting in the building for my call my call
time this like I’m not alive like i never ever go to that side
the more i think about “like” i’m never going out there
just don’t
just don’t go
Track Name: Cool Roof
cool thing stays in his bed
puts his bugs in his head
cool roof comes on in
so much love on his skin

sugar grows up tight
making my way downtown in light
ain’t never felt this right
keeping my baby up at night and even you
you ain’t never been this far gone
did you dream it or did you see it in a photograph?
Track Name: You're Over Time
breathing heat, the months of leave i skate away most every day
for anythings, the things i do to make it stay
my body seems so far away
maybe if i’d gone to church i’d be a little less inside of you
maybe if i’d sensed it first i could have closed my eyes before you cried
lately i can’t find the time to check my mind step side and realize
that even though you’re over time i will not shake and shake its only you
Track Name: You're Over You
leave me apart
comes up crazy stealing the suitcase
i’m indoors but i see the light (toot toot!)
skips up gets up out of the first place
i’m indoors but i see the light
so long my man
my baby’s on fire, won’t someone inside do right by me
so cold of you
comes up ugly sinks in some allegation
i’m indoors but i see the light (toot toot!)
slips up pulls up all-in the wrong location
i’m indoors but i see the light
my baby’s on fire, won’t someone inside do right by me
you pulled into two, you’re over you and stuck on me
Track Name: Phone Call / It's No Thing
waiting for my phone call, looking at my front door
you so tired all you wanna do is sleep without dreams
its over and over with you
lately you’re somewhere and you wanna be somewhere else
lockin like you gotta be broken out, it’s nowhere
so i’m searching for my window while i’m thinking at my old home
locked and loaded like you feel it in your bone
some controlled impulse that spins over and over in you
maybe you’re something when you wanna be something else
broken and you wanna be broken back like it’s no thing
i wanna be somewhere else
i wanna be somewhere
i am waiting for my phone call
Track Name: Summer
what you’re waiting for sees an open door and says
“fast goes first to last”, faces towards the past
what are you going to do?
nobody said you’d have to choose now
you used to be so afraid, you remember why now
but winter understands
shaking all my hands and still holding you in line
sweat cause in your mind it’s summer time
which are you going to choose?
all of these things are yours to do now
you used to be so afraid, you remember why now
cause everything splits in two, everything melts inside of you now
it used to be all ok, can’t remember how now
Track Name: Sleeper
someday, stuck on the road
missing color through the lens i see
i’m stuck in a loop
sleeper, where did you go
these things used to land on top of me
but “shhhh”
it’s lonely, more than you know
begging you don’t put the wrap on me
crazy, my kids on a roll
baby please don’t turn your back on me
Track Name: Whinger
holding on for long
we could battle on
a lemon whinger battle
my head is rolling over levels of OK
you let me love you anyway
things would never be the same if i called you out
Track Name: "Love"
moving over / open closer / we have time to work it out
fold me up like / you can have that / you can tell me how to act
can you feel that light go on
i’m all dirty and you’re no different / there is something to extract
can you feel my love go in
can you feel my love going in
you’re all dirty and i’m no different / there is something to extract
could you keep my love intact
Track Name: Junktime
you’re sleeping
you’re useless after 9
you’re trying all the time
you’re holding onto line
don’t touch that line
you drink a little too much too early in your life
you get a little bit too sleepy for another night
you’re only looking for a place where you can be safe sound
you’re only looking for another to treat you right
some people talk pretty loud and some people talk real low
some kind of people that you don’t really want to know
you can leave me alone or you can love me apart
you can love me apart or you can leave me alone
Track Name: All Right Now
why today? today?
i ride away
you ride away
all right now