Lately, You

by This is Lorelei

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written/recorded by nate amos, 2015

released alongside II: LEMONADE :II by Jamarcus


released January 8, 2016

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all rights reserved


This is Lorelei New York

We've stuck in somewhere,

the air between Chicago

and St. Johnsbury.

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Track Name: Why
you don't look so tough
you're not such a tough guy
but you make it rough
you just walk into the night
can I have enough
a little peace in green eyes
you move so slow
and I'm falling on the ice
lock me in and swallow every key
i wanna be what you want me to be
so you turned into the sky
you did it with my brain in mind but
i'm stuck here on the why
riding on my L to hell and I
crack open my head wide
so you can stick your face inside
and you'll do it with my brain in mind but
I'm stuck here on the why
I'm stuck here on the why
Track Name: Dreams Away
every face has a fade
every one means the same thing
wipe my eyes
like i'm trying to forget everything i did last night
i'm too tired to be trying to survive
i've been sleeping all my life
and now i gotta wake up
gotta wash away my dreams
today is just tomorrow
and tomorrow's just today
i will wash my dreams away
every party's the same
everyone knows i'm not listening
you're too kind!
are you slipping out of mind?
because i'm falling out of mine
every time
like i'm trying to forget everything i did last night
Track Name: Storry
put my face on your car
keep my being in a box now
would you make my baby a star?
storry storry storry
i’m storry

put my face on your face
keep your lovers in a timeline
would you put my baby in place?
storry storry storry
i’m storry
Track Name: 5 6 'Sup
phase rattled out of car
iPrecipitate, raining on the corner casper
where you coming from?
i just drank the water
hush, precious on the grate
battered up a brain ticking in the alley
happiness aside i time me to the light
opened up my mind to stick your fist inside
drain hooking up my ears
pulley on the floor cooking up a number
trash! fat!
burning in the air
sealing all my holes, trapping all the sunshine
flutter in the can, i'm down and in!
flutter in the can, i'm down and in!
baby got me strung, preserved me, still alive
scissored into shape, split open on the sides
stuffed me full of fluff and laid me down in ice
so every time i wake i see my blinking eye
Track Name: Now Right Now
have to ask, don't want to bother
but i see things in a loop
i can wait until tomorrow
but it's sad when i see you push into blue
cause i'm like you
i might like you too much cause i'm there to

line of sight, impending motion
and i don't want to distract
but you're on fire and i'm on fire
does it pull you off the track when i'm with you
i see some future stuck on you
now i'm getting down when you're not around
how could this happen now right now
Track Name: Lately, You
lately i've been talking out loud
something's got me turned all around towards you
august has wondering how
it took so long to make me a friend in you
cause lately you color my pictures all crazy
shooting me up when i'm easing down
i wanna get out of this bad town
i'm out of the window for you

seems like every time i go off the ground
something's got me looking around for you
and every second caught unaware
i'm scared of me but i'm not afraid of you
cause lately you cover my conscience
and maybe you'll pick me back up
but it's so far
and you are the one with the fast car
to make it ok but it's not right now
i need to get out of this bad town
i'm out of the window for you