Wild To Be Born

by This is Lorelei

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written and recorded by nate amos in chicago
may/june, 2016 .................................... 我爱你


released June 30, 2016

i don't know what the backing track on "Sleep Without Dreams" is.
i think it came from youtube.

this album was made in pieces. the original four releases exist on grandpabay.bandcamp.com

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all rights reserved


This is Lorelei New York

We've stuck in somewhere,

the air between Chicago

and St. Johnsbury.

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Track Name: Hey Shaky
shaky looks at me like somewhere i’m supposed to be
staring up my wall cause i can’t face the alcohol
if you brush the dust down you can face my enemy
i’ll control the steps if you control my memories
shaky from the yard now swimming down the boulevard
lazy on your own some life inside a telephone
island in chicago water for a fireguard
faces on my wall and i have time to count them all

you better hold your soul
you better roll it tight
you better write it down
you forget the whole night
Track Name: 2% Water
floating under cover
spotted by the spotter
choking on the water
almost with the others
i’ll be on time
still on the wire
making a face
into a place
Track Name: 100% Serious
always on the move
always in the loop
always finding lines
always losing nights
almost just a mess
almost all undressed
almost out of time
almost out of mind
always in that smile
always on that street
always in this love
always serious
Track Name: Get Fine
you’re always late
places, places
you’re always moving around
you’ll find that you’ll work out
you’ll work out and get fine
all i want to be
all i want to be
what i’m looking for
all i’m waiting in
wasting on the floor
forward on my track
done with driving cars
backwards on my case
down on basement stars
Track Name: Wrong
slide, burning you so fast
shoots you through the glass
shoots you out of time
put me back in mine
slide, over to your side
i’m all into light
i’m all melted out
put me back inside
cause i’m comfortable inside my cage
like the outside isn’t on my path
and i’m turning like a two-time page
am i ever gonna be my age
am i really only six feet long
cause the outside isn’t in my math
and i need you to tell me i’m wrong
and i need you to tell me i’m wrong
Track Name: Not Here Today
someone on the floor is crawling crawling
someone in the sky is falling falling
someone in the way is stalling stalling
someone on the phone is calling calling
i’m not here today
everyone’s alive and i am dying
everyone’s outside and i’m in flying
everything’s the sin that you’re implying
am i such a fool for trying trying
i’m not here today
Track Name: Mustyougo?
kick the call, turn it low, love you all, must you go? tell me once, once you go, go you must, must you go?
Track Name: Letitgo
you should let it go should let it go i should let it go should let it go we should let it go should let it go learn to let it go to let it go learn to let it go to let it go learn to let it go to let it go
Track Name: Stupidandalive
i get bigger every night when i wrap myself around the light my love goes further and further until they're out of sight my shattered body on the floor points towards a letter on the door says i was stupid and alive i was stupid and alive am i getting colder every day? am i losing love along the way? small things get bigger and bigger until they pass away you ignore me for a while, i remember how to smile i am stupid and alive i am stupid and alive you won’t call me on the phone and i’m too scared to be alone so i go faster and faster and faster maybe later in the sun you and i can lie as one we go faster and faster and faster i am stupid and alive i am stupid and alive
Track Name: Seriously
you’re a stupid kid you leave your shoes in weather tied together friends by steps you ache forever taking my life seriously make my mind delirious that moment i’m your open heart we’re farther than the nearest star you’re closer than i ever was stepping into newer shoes i’m reading about religions i’m taking my life seriously make my mind deliriously such a stupid guy you lose your friends in steps you ache forever farther than the nearest star you’re closer than i ever was watch you go i’ll watch you go
Track Name: Look At The Lights
you are some thing i am no thing
over again
turning my world
inwards, look at the lights
inwards, you turn my world
over again
look at the lights
you are some thing i am no thing
Track Name: Sleep Without Dreams
everythings’s got me down today
last night, oh all these thoughts got me thinking
i’m having dreams, i see them through holes in my head
if i can’t rest can i at least can i please stop seeing them
them them
oh i still need marijauna, to help me sleep without dreams
i need marijauna so i can sleep without dreams
someday i’ll be ok with me, but for now i need it to sleep without dreams